1. Name - Vinayak Sharma
  2. Pass Out year and branch - 2002, Computer Science
  3. The year in which the firm was set up - 2008
  4. Motivating factors - Desire to take up bigger challenges and love for entrepreneurship
  5. Selection criteria of business domain - My own professional experience and desire to build software products.
  6. Funding Sources (Initially) - Self-funded.
  7. Overall Success factors associated with the ventures - No external funding till now and able to show robust year-on-year growth for last 8 years.
  8. Role of A I T  in cultivating the seed of Entrepreneurial spirit -  After parents & schools inculcating right values, I strongly feel AIT played a major role in shaping me as a confident professional. Four years at college trained me thinking big, trying new things and be willing to take risks. I have also strongly benefited from strong college Alumni network in getting business and guidance from around the world. We also hired some of the smartest developers till date from AIT and got very good support from college. I love the fact that college continues to engage and encourage us in our journeys even after graduating almost 15 years ago.
  9. Any special training , platforms , circles helped you to begin your journey ( like M I T C O N  , N E N , M E C D  etc ) . Please mention special names in todays context which will be useful for Alma Matter - No trainings.