1. Name


2. Pass Out year and branch

1999 / Computer Engineering

3 .The year in which the firm was set up


4. Motivating factors

Excitement of creating something of your own was probably the only factor that motivated me at that age when I was just about 24 years old. I along with my roommate in Infosys harbored that feeling for close to 2 years before taking the plunge.

5. Selection criteria of business domain

Working at Infosys gave us an insight of how the software development business operates from offshore. We naturally chose this line because it felt comfortable to begin with. Since then we have developed 1 product and 1 ecommerce website for ourselves that ran/will run parallel to our mainstream custom software development business. We currently do most of our business under the brand name MobilePundits (www.mobilepundits.com).

6. Funding Sources (Initially) -

Self-funded since the very beginning.

7. Overall Success factors associated with the ventures – 

Professionally, these are some of the recognitions and awards that we have received so far in our journey by well recognized industry bodies and a university in the US. However, I would like to say that these laurels are to give you a pat on the back and we still strive hard to achieve our next best without taking complacency in what we have achieved.

  • Winner LSU-100 Award (www.lsu100.com) for THREE years in a row 2013, 2014 & 2015. We are the only Indian company in the 160 years old university entrepreneurship recognition program.
  • Winner of various Fast 50 India and Fast 500 Asia Pacific Awards by Deloitte & Touche:
    • Year 2014
      • Deloitte & Touche Tech Fast 500 (380th Rank) Asia Pacific 2014
    • Year 2013
      • Deloitte & Touche Tech Fast 500 (488th Rank) APAC 2013 Award
    • Year 2009
      • Deloitte & Touche Tech Fast 50 India (13th Rank ) 2009 Award
      • Deloitte & Touche Tech Fast 500 (89th Rank) Asia Pacific 2009 Awards
    • Year 2008
      • Deloitte & Touche Tech Fast 50 India (12th Rank ) 2008 Award
      • Deloitte & Touche Tech Fast 500 (112th Rank) Asia Pacific 2008 Awards
  • Top 4 'Innovative Company' @ adTech, San Francisco - 2011 for our own product InstaMobile.
  • Winner NJTC (New Jersey Technology Council) Venture Conference 2011-"Most Innovative Product" Award for InstaMobile.
  • Ideavate was Central India’s Youngest ISO 9001:2000 Certified company by Bureau Veritas in the year 2008.

8. Role of A I T in cultivating the seed of Entrepreneurial spirit

AIT has been center and very crucial to my development as an engineer and has given me the courage to tackle problems head on. If there are many problems at hand, amongst them I still pick up with toughest one to solve first. And this courage is what drives me to take challenges and worry less about the outcome as I know I will have given my best to it. AIT gave me many opportunities to inculcate this habit and which is what gives me the strength today.

9. Any special training , platforms , circles helped you to begin your journey (like M I T C O N  , N E N , M E C D  etc) . Please mention special names in todays context which will be useful for Alma Matter.

Nothing that comes to my mind immediately.