1. Name - Karan Rai
  2. Pass Out year and branch - 2005, E&TC
  3. The year in which the firm was set up - 2011 (I have two startups that I founded in 2011, one is a software firm Red Panda Innovation Labs, and the other is an ecommerce portal, planetsuperheroes.com, which is India's largest platform now for comic and superhero merchandise.)
  4. Motivating factors - Identifying a gap in the market, Confidence in building a company which can deliver better quality than existing companies.
  5. Selection criteria of business domain - Market opportunity, confidence on personal skills needed for the business, business networks.
  6. Funding Sources (Initially) -  Initially self funded, external institutional investors who came in at later stages - Lead Angels, DSG Consumer Partners (Singapore).
  7. Overall Success factors associated with the ventures - Right team and timing, agility in execution.
  8. Role of A I T  in cultivating the seed of Entrepreneurial spirit -  Flexibility in pursuing and exploring different domains, Good infrastructure to provide practical training.
  9. Any special training , platforms , circles helped you to begin your journey (like M I T C O N  , N E N , M E C D  etc). Please mention special names in todays context which will be useful for Alma Matter.