Addressed to : NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council)

Committee By : Anupam Ratha, 2000, Computer Engineering

I started EZMCOM Inc. in 2006 with the motivation of achieving financial independence while doing something I am passionate about – “Engineering of Software Products”. Studying at A.I.T. I began to aspire an entrepreneurial dream of building, growing and establishing a company of global repute.

The selection criteria of business domain was based on establishment of a clear need of “strong authentication” security products that could protect from and mitigate the emerging threats to online identity thefts and compromises. In addition to a lack of solutions that plug the gap in security, the existing solutions were mostly hardware device oriented, unwieldy and very inconvenient, expensive.

At EZMCOM our mission is to deliver customer-centric advanced identity security solutions. We are constantly pushing limits of innovation to build convenient, frictionless, highly secure identity security solutions. We pride in its ability to respond, change direction, be flexible and achieve competitive success as opportunities develop, competitors act & market dynamics change.

EZMCOM was funded by FFF (Friends, Fools & Family) initially. We bootstrapped our way to a working prototype and acquired trust in an angel investor. Thereafter we continued to bootstrap our venture to become a growing yet profitable entity.

The overall Success factors associated with the ventures is its strong founding team that included a co-founding partner who had past entrepreneurial success to guide on the way towards validating product ideas, changing innovation direction swiftly to meet customer and market requirements and at the same time having a lot of determination, patience and the attitude to keep going even when the chips are down.

A.I.T played a very crucial role in shaping up a confident, people friendly personality in me while at the same time a deep rooted never-say-die attitude of the armed forces background that was subtly engraved into my mind. The experience of studying as resident on on-campus hostel taught survival skills and strengthened. Last but not the least, the faculty of A.I.T as well as the facilities had valuable contribution as well in cultivating the seed of Entrepreneurial spirit within me.

Unlike today there wasn’t as great a penetration and ease of access to the Internet. What helped me was that I was connected to an entrepreneurial circle and for entrepreneurship the most vital ingredient is mentorship and seeing others who come from similar background become successful. I believe the role the entrepreneurial alma mater is very crucial in inspiring, leading the way. Additionally one should be a voracious reader of several Internet websites resources that answer and clarify on entrepreneurial dilemmas, How-To’s etc. and often are able to provide great startingup kits, tools and handbooks.